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We Represent Families After Fatal Motorcycle Accidents

An attorney you can trust to help you move forward

Motorcyclists have very little protecting them from injuries caused by traffic accidents. They have no airbags, seat belts, or safety features. Motorcyclists must rely on their helmets, protective gear, and evasive skills.

A collision with a passenger vehicle can result in fatal injuries. At Bretz Injury Law – located in Hutchinson, Salina, Wichita, Garden City, Dodge City, Liberal, and Hays – we have seen families’ lives devastated. We understand how painful the loss of a loved one can be, especially at the hands of a negligent driver. That’s why we want to help you at this devastating time.

What to do if you lost a loved one in a motorcycle crash

If you have lost a loved one in a motorcycle accident, you may be eligible for a wrongful death claim. However, certain conditions need to apply:

  • A malicious or negligent act from another party must have been the cause of death. In a fatal motorcycle accident, the at-fault driver could have been distracted, alcohol or drug-impaired, drowsy, or driving recklessly.
  • You must be the closest surviving relative or estate of the deceased person. This typically includes the deceased person's spouse, child or children, parents or grandparents, or siblings. Compensation can be distributed to more than one surviving estate, depending on the level of support the deceased person provided.
  • You must file a wrongful death claim within two years of the deceased person's death, according to the Kansas Statutes of Limitations (§ 60-513(a)(5)).

A wrongful death claim will allow you to recover compensation on behalf of the deceased person. This includes:

  • Funeral and burial costs
  • Income the deceased person would have earned had he or she still lived
  • Any final medical expenses related to the deceased person's condition
  • Loss of care, protection, and guidance the deceased person would have provided
  • Any mental or emotional suffering the surviving estate feels due to the death

Knowledgeable and compassionate attorneys

It is important to note that in Kansas, there is a $250,000 limit on non-economic losses. To learn more about filing a wrongful death claim after a motorcycle accident, it's important to speak to an experienced attorney who is knowledgeable and compassionate.

At Bretz Injury Law, we have decades of experience handling complex motorcycle accident claims. We will work tirelessly to pursue justice for you and your family during this difficult time. Contact us today to schedule your free, confidential case evaluation. You can also call our law office toll-free at 1-866-881-0103.

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