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Football Season Brings New Drunk Driving Risks to Kansas

Kansas auto accident attorneyFootball season is approaching fast, with preseason games already beginning, fantasy teams getting started, and the countdown to the first game only days away. While football is a great pastime and many people enjoy cheering on their team, there is a significant risk of drunk driving accidents during football season.

ABC News reports that approximately one in 12 people who attend a pro sporting event will leave a football game intoxicated. There are also many people who watch games at home parties or sports bars and  who consume far too many drinks before getting behind the wheel of a car. This football season, make a commitment to stay safe and avoid putting yourself and others at risk..

Football Season is a Dangerous Time for Drunk Driving Collisions

Many people attending sports events tend to drink too much, especially those who spend time tailgating before or during the event. Researchers from University of Minnesota recently conducted an anonymous study and administered a breathalyzer test to people attending pro sports events. One out of four tailgaters at the sporting event said they had consumed at least five alcohol beverages. People with the highest blood-alcohol concentration range (BAC range) said they had an average of 6.6 drinks. Consuming alcohol at this level is not only likely to put someone well over the legal limit but it can also be classified as binge drinking.

Young people are most likely to engage in such high-risk drinking behavior while watching professional sports. People under age 35 were eight times as likely as older adults attending baseball and football games to be legally drunk. Many people who tailgate arrive as early as 9 AM for a 1 PM kickoff, and thus spend the entire day drinking. Even once the game is over, some people continue to drink alcoholic beverages while they wait for the parking lot to clear out.

While drinking and sports seem to go hand in hand for many people, there is a safe and responsible way to ensure you do not get into a dangerous situation due to consuming too much alcohol. Whether you are tailgating, attending a game, or watching a sporting event at a friend's house or a bar, make sure you have a designated driver before you head to the event. Then, be sure your designated driver actually remains sober the entire time!

If you plan to host a tailgate or a party, provide non-alcoholic beverages for designated drivers to consume. You should also consider having the phone number of a taxi or a car service app in case a designated driver does consume alcohol or in case you or guests are otherwise unable to get a sober ride.

While football is a great pastime and a fun way to spend the fall season, it is no excuse for endangering your life or anyone else's. Make a commitment to stay sober behind the wheel during the upcoming football season.

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