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Real reviews from actual clients helped by Kansas personal injury law firm Bretz Injury Law

What people say about our personal injury law firm matters to us. That's why we're proud of the letters and emails we receive from our satisfied clients at Bretz Injury Law. Our work is more than just a job for us. It's personal.

Each correspondence often represents days, weeks or even longer of hard work on behalf of our client. That's why we're so proud of the positive feedback we've earned from those clients. Attorney Matt Bretz holds a perfect 10.0 Avvo rating.

We work hard every single day to earn the respect of clients and our community. We want to do the same for you. We want to resolve your legal issue and help you get the money you rightfully deserve for your personal injury.

Testimonials for Kansas personal injury attorneys at Bretz Injury Law

A perfect match

Google Review – 5 stars

“Matt Bretz and his team handled our personal injury case in spectacular fashion culminating in a fair and just settlement well before going to trial. Their successful track record of years of ethical practices and knowledgeable, effective representation served us well. The lawyer you choose does make a difference.” Read more…

Help in a time of need

Avvo rating - 5 stars

"In light of what happened, I am glad I called Bretz Injury Law. I received all the help I needed in a timely manner. Everyone at the office was very professional. Workers' Compensation was not taking care of me, and everyone (including my boss) told me to get an attorney. Bretz Injury Law got involved and made the process so much better!"

Wonderful attorney

Avvo rating - 5 stars

"Bretz Injury Law was wonderful at a time that was truly horrible. They dealt with the insurance companies in a timely and efficient manner, and they were compassionate with me while I was grieving a loss. I would definitely recommend that anyone who needs help call Bretz Injury Law. Don't face the insurance company alone!"

The BEST lawyer

Avvo rating - 5 stars

"Matt and his staff are very helpful. They always answer my questions with a smile and are very responsive. Matt and his staff treat you with respect and in my opinion are the BEST INJURY LAWYERS IN THE COUNTRY! I would highly recommend MATT BRETZ!"

Will always pick Matt

Avvo rating - 5 stars

"Matt did my fiance's case and was very helpful and responsive if he needed anything after hours or needed any immediate questions answered Matt was always there to answer them with a smile when dealing with Matt Bretz it was more like dealing with a friend then an attorney."

Wouldn't go anywhere else

Avvo rating - 5 stars

"Bretz Injury Law attorneys and the staff are awesome. My husband and I have used them a few times and they are always quick to respond and follow through with everything they say they will do even if it's not their 'area' of expertise. Would recommend them to anyone I know needing help."

A Great Advocate for the Working Man

Avvo rating - 5 stars

"I hired Bretz Injury Law for a workers compensation claim. I felt helpless until they represented me against the insurance company. I got the medical treatment I needed and the compensation I deserved. Bretz Injury Law made me feel like I was part of the family - they always had time for me. I would absolutely recommend them to anyone!"

Motorcycle Accident

Avvo rating - 5 stars

"My brother was in a terrible accident. We had a previous attorney who just told us to settle. Then we hired Bretz Injury Law and they actually investigated the situation to find compensation. I would recommend anyone who is injured call Bretz Injury Law."

Amazing law firm!

Avvo rating - 5 stars

"Bretz Injury Law has been amazing. Any time I had a question, Nancy called me back right away. I was kept informed and up-to-date. Things went smoothly and in a timely manner. I was pleased with the outcome. I would recommend Bretz Injury Law to anyone who needs an injury lawyer."

I am so happy with my attorney!

Avvo rating - 5 stars

"Matt Bretz and everyone at Bretz Injury Law were so helpful and personable. They were able to walk with me through an incredibly horrible time in my life. My kids and I are grateful for the help we received on our wrongful death claim. I would recommend that anyone with and injury or wrongful death case hire Bretz Injury Law."

Excellent attorney

Avvo rating - 5 stars

"After getting hurt on the job and being fired by my employer I call on Mr Bretz. I was very pleased with his mild mannered personality. He help me recover for my physical lose and he see to it that my future medical was covered. Just wanted to say thanks and I highly recommend that you call him if you get injured."

Great help

Avvo rating - 5 stars

"My son hit a vehicle turning left into oncoming traffic - his car. The accident totaled my son's car and left very little, if any, damage to the other. We thought the other party's insurance company would pick it up no problem as they were clearly at fault. However, they claimed they were not responsible for my son's car. They claimed he was partially at fault. This is when I called Matt. Matt took on our case and the other party paid for my son's car. Thank you Matt!"

Kind, compassionate and caring /// Hard working, relentless

Avvo rating - 5 stars

"I was injured when fell off of the front porch of a house due to the homeowner's lack of maintenance. I ended up having two back surgeries and over $107,000.00 in medical and surgical bills. The homeowner's insurance company refused to pay the medical bills and I did not have health insurance, so I was forced to look for an attorney. Luckily I was referred to Matt Bretz, Matt was kind, compassionate and caring. He listened to me and it was obvious that his compassion and concern was genuine. He then went to work on pursuing my claim. The insurance company continued to deny my claim, but Matt did not give up. He was relentless in pursuing the insurance company. Through his efforts he was able to get all of my medical bills paid. He was also able to obtain a settlement of $290,000.00! Now I don't have to worry about my future medical needs. I was incredibly fortunate to have been referred to this amazing attorney."


Avvo rating - 5 stars

"My sister suffered a broken neck in a motorcycle accident. She is now a quadriplegic. I hired a local attorney who advertises a lot, but he missed the statute of limitations in Tennessee. I was then referred to Matt Bretz. Matt figured out that the case could be brought under Kansas law, making a longer statute of limitations. He also investigated and found out that the motorcycle wheel which came apart and caused the accident was poorly designed and that many of the manufacturer's wheels had come apart in the past. Tragically, the manufacturer had redesigned the wheel but had not implemented a recall and had not warned purchasers of the defective wheel. Thank God that I was referred to Matt."


Avvo rating - 5 stars

"I was hit by a semi and suffered multiple injuries requiring surgery. The insurance company denied my claim entirely. I hired Matt Bretz and through his tenacious efforts we were able to learn about the driver's medical history and that he had lied to get medical clearance to drive. He had had a history of transient ischemic attacks resulting in him essentially falling asleep while driving. While the insurance company offered absolutely nothing before I hired Matt, he was able to get it settled for almost half of the million dollars."

Treated me like family

Avvo rating - 5 stars

"Matt represented my children and me after my husband was killed in an accident involving a dump truck. He was compassionate and truly cared."

Compassionate, caring and brilliant

Avvo rating - 5 stars

"After hiring another attorney who did nothing on my case and who did not return my calls, I eventually was referred to Matt. There was an immediate obvious difference. Matt listened, it was obvious that he cared, and he was able to map out a strategy which ended up winning my case. What a difference a great attorney makes!"

Couldn't have asked for a better Lawyer

Avvo rating - 5 stars

"I was involved in an accident with a drunk driver whose BAC was almost 3 times the legal limit. I was flown to KU Medical Center in Kansas City and was there for surgery and extended hospitalization. When I got out of the hospital I was unable to walk, was confined to a wheelchair, and since I had no health insurance I had over $200K in medical bills.

My parents were referred to Matt Bretz. The next morning Matt drove to Kansas City, met with us, and agreed to help me. The doctors took care of my medical treatment and Matt took care of everything else, including the medical bills, lost wages, and living expenses while I was recovering from the injuries.

Matt has helped me throughout every step of the process. Even though he has cases all over Kansas and is often on the road, I have always been able to reach him because his cell number is printed on his business card! He has even come to my house so that I would not have to travel. My medical condition has improved and I am now back to work. With Matt I have been treated like a person, not a number. Matt has now reached two settlements for me and is working on the medical bills.

Bretz Law Offices was the best decision that my parents and I could have made. I recommend anyone who is seriously injured to call Matt."

Great Outcome

Avvo rating - 5 stars

"I would hire this attorney again in a heartbeat! His office kept me informed with updates and his staff was very knowledgable and helpful. The outcome of my case was better than I had even hoped for and I have medical treatment covered in the future in case I need it."

Highly Recommend

Avvo rating - 5 stars

"I am still a client, but highly recommend there services. I have received the best care since my injuries and honestly don't know what I would do with out here help."

A Good Experience

Avvo rating - 5 stars

"I was injured while I was still a minor, so Bretz Injury Law helped me for a long time! When the annuity didn't pay out like it was supposed to, I called, and then I had my check in a week. I would recommend Bretz Injury Law!"

Client, Hoisington, KS
"I can't thank you enough for everything you did for me! After I got my settlement I purchased an '07 Harley Davidson Ultra Classic. I've put 50,000 very happy miles on it since April! I can't explain how happy having a motorcycle makes me! I went without riding for almost two years while you took care of my case. I couldn't be happier about how it turned out! This bike has brought me so much enjoyment and it is so special to me! Thank you so much!"

Client, Costa Mesa, CA:
"I was in a car accident in Orange County, California. The insurance company for the other driver blamed me for the wreck and refused to pay any of my medical bills. Since I lived in Southern California it seemed strange but I was eventually referred to Bretz Injury Law in Kansas. Matt Bretz flew out and met with me and I experienced first-hand why I was referred to his office. Matt was compassionate about what had happened to me, and he and his office were diligent in investigating the wreck and were able to prove that the other driver was speeding and that the wreck was his fault. Ultimately, he was able to get the case settled for more than a quarter million dollars."

Client, Lincoln, NE:
"I was injured in an accident when a trailer being pulled by an oncoming construction vehicle came detached and hit my vehicle head on. The insurance company offered only $100,000.00 and every attorney to whom I spoke told me to take their offer. Fortunately I did not give up and eventually was referred to Bretz Injury Law. Matt took the case to trial and got a verdict of over $395,000.00. Following that trial Matt also pursued the insurance agent for the construction company since the agent had failed to procure the insurance coverage which had been requested by the construction company. While I will never medically recover to 100 percent of where I was before the collision, I am glad that Bretz Injury Law was tenacious and would not just roll over and play dead like all of the other attorneys and just settle for what the insurance company offered. Great, compassionate and hard-working attorneys make a world of difference."

B.S., Kansas:
"You make me feel like I am your only client and I do appreciate that so much."

W.B., Tennessee:
"After my sister was severely injured in a motorcycle accident I hired an attorney on her behalf. After a year, the attorney had gotten nowhere, and eventually dropped the case. I then hired Bretz Injury Law. Within thirteen month, Matt Bretz got her case settled for over $3 million. Now the responsible party will pay for her future medical bills instead of taxpayers. What a difference a great attorney makes!"

S.H., Dodge City, KS:
"Two different attorneys turn my case down before I hired Bretz Injury Law. Matt filed suit and took the case to trial when the insurance company would not pay. Through his diligence and commitment, we obtained a verdict of over $250,000.00."

Anonymous, Kansas:
"When my daughter was severely injured in a truck accident, I was referred to Bretz Injury Law. The insurance company initially lied about the policy limits and denied the existence of an umbrella policy, but Matt Bretz was about the prove the truth, and eventually recovered over $2,000,000.00 for my daughter."

L.G., Hutchinson, KS:
"My mother was killed in a car accident and I hired a Hutchinson firm to handle the claim. I later fired that firm when I found out that the firm also represented the insurance company that the claim was against. I was then referred to Bretz Injury Law. Within seven months my claim was settled. If you have suffered severe injuries from a car accident, don't call anywhere else."

Anonymous, Overland Park, KS:
"Several years ago my sister read about Bretz Injury Law's trial results in the newspaper and referred me to them for a fall. Then my car was hit by a delivery truck. The truck driver tried to blame me for the collision, but Bretz Injury Law was able to prove that the truck driver was at fault and settled my claims for $1.3 million. I'm glad I listened to my sister."

C.O., Buhler, KS:
"While walking to work I was hit by a car whose driver was making an illegal turn. I hired a local attorney who does television advertising. I ended up having to fire him after he did nothing to get my $35,000 in medical bills paid, my $30,000 in lost wages paid, and treated me like I did not matter.
Fortunately, I was referred to Matt Bretz. Everything was different. They got the bills paid and got the case settled. What a difference great and ethical attorneys make!"

M.W., Table Rock, NE:
"I was badly injured in a car accident and the insurance company offered me $50,000 to settle my claims, claiming it was their policy limits. A local attorney referred me to Matt Bretz. Matt agreed to help me at no cost with no risk. Matt ended up taking the case to trial and got a verdict of over $395,000.00. Going to Matt Bretz was the best decision I could have made."

E.B., Kansas:
"My husband died as a result of a car accident caused by a lady who pulled out in front of him on the highway. I hired a local attorney who does a lot of advertising but fired him several months later when he hadn't done anything to move the case along or to keep the medical providers from harassing me about the bills.
I eventually was referred to Matt Bretz for help in getting the medical and funeral bills paid. Within days of being referred to Matt I learned first-hand why he has received so many honors in Kansas and even nationally. He treated me with compassion and was able to get the medical and funeral bills paid, and then he got the case settled for $350,000.00. To my amazement, after Matt got the case settled the first attorney wanted a chunk of the settlement even though he had not done anything on the case or even returned many of my phone calls.
I was lucky that I got a second chance and was referred to Matt Bretz. If you have lost a loved one, call Bretz Injury Law right away and don't risk your future on someone else."

L.P., Grinnell, KS:
"I was injured in a car accident when a 15-year-old swerved into my lane of traffic. As a result of the injuries I was flown to Denver for treatment and ended up having surgery on one of my legs.
The insurance company refused to pay my medical bills and did not even make an offer on the case. They even claimed that the knee surgery that I had to have following the wreck was not caused by the wreck. After researching attorneys and their qualifications, I called Bretz Injury Law for help in getting my medical bills paid. Everything then changed. Bretz Injury Law got the medical bills paid within less than nine months had my case settled for $230,000.00.
No one wants to be injured, and I certainly would not voluntarily go through such a wreck or suffer these injuries again if I could help it, but it is nice to know that there are caring attorneys available to help when something like this happens. There is a reason that so many people around Kansas and across the country hire Bretz Injury Law, and there is a reason for the accolades and awards which they have received."

M.K., Kansas:
"My brother was killed when a car hit him as he was walking across the street. The insurance company tried to blame him for the accident even though he was walking in a crosswalk when the wreck occurred. I hired Bretz Injury Law so that I could get help with the medical bills which my brother incurred before dying. As soon as the insurance company got notice that I hired Bretz Injury Law, their story changes and the accepted responsibility for the wreck, Matt got the medical bills of over $100,000.00 paid and got the funeral bills paid, and had the case settled for the insurance company's policy limits within 15 days!"

W.F., Hutchinson, KS:
"Before I hired Matt Bretz, the insurance company offered $20,000 to settle my wife's claim. Matt Bretz took the case to trial and got a verdict of over $500,000.00. Pretty good decision on my part."

S.D., Wichita, KS:
"I hired a Wichita lawyer to handle an injury claim. I fired him a year later because he didn't return my telephone calls and hadn't done anything on my case. After hiring Bretz Injury Law everything changed, and I started getting personal attention. My medical bills got paid. My wages got reimbursed, and the case got settled. Bretz Injury Law is the one to call if you have a serious accident."

K.T., Lyons, KS:
"After my husband died in a motorcycle accident, the insurance company tried to blame him for the collision. But after I turned to Bretz Injury Law for help, the insurance company was forced to pay their policy limits to settle my claims. If you have been injured, call Matt Bretz."

A perfect match

Google Review – 5 stars

“Matt Bretz and his team handled our personal injury case in spectacular fashion culminating in a fair and just settlement well before going to trial. Their successful track record of years of ethical practices and knowledgeable, effective representation served us well. The lawyer you choose does make a difference.

My wife suffered a debilitating injury in a fall due to unsafe conditions while dining in a Kansas tourist town. We tried to negotiate a fair settlement with the proprietor's insurance company ourselves but they offered us only a laughable, token amount to sign off on all claims since their “investigation” concluded that their client was not at fault.

I had purchased a couple books on the subject of seeking a premises liability settlement without hiring a lawyer, which greatly aided our case. Learning from the many actual case histories detailed Matt’s book, I was able to compose a compelling and eloquent Demand Letter. Still, the insurance company knew they had the upper hand especially since we were out-of-state and out-gunned. So they hoped that we would simply give up in frustration fighting an uphill battle.

One of the books that I purchased from Amazon titled “And Justice for All: Win Your Injury Case” was co-authored by Matthew Bretz of Hutchinson, Kansas. Besides the book’s excellent content, the law firm of Bretz Injury Law was a perfect fit geographically since we now needed a lawyer that was licensed to practice in Kansas yet not in the immediate vicinity of the same town. The stars were aligned which led me to call Matt’s office and shortly afterward he pulled off the road to call me for details. He enthusiastically convinced me that he wanted to take this case (for public safety concerns as well) and was confident in a favorable outcome. He followed up by having photos taken of the deteriorating premise conditions the following weekend and he took charge from day one.

Matt is a very cordial and compassionate gentlemen but when it came to his negotiating skills in mediation, his tenacity and experience shone through. Mediation is an increasingly common (and often mandated) formal procedure before assigning a court date that often results in early settlement. We quickly learned to appreciate having Matt on our side. The opposing lawyer team tried a couple tricks but Matt saw right through them and put them on the defense. He then cleverly devised a simple yet effective formula of assigning a calculated value of pain and suffering that a jury could easily assign a tangible figure. Just the mention of presenting this to a jury in closing arguments instantly broke the stalemate in mediation negotiations, leading to a quick and rewarding resolution without the time-consuming expense and uncertainty of a jury trial.

Regardless of whether or not you might try going it alone, you would do well to purchase a couple books such as Matt’s to educate yourself for one of the most important financial events of your life. Before you say or do something that might jeopardize your case, take the time to research and learn how the legal system works. Most likely if your case rises to a high dollar figure, you will benefit greatly by choosing the right lawyer to achieve a fair and just settlement. We found our perfect match in Bretz Injury Law.”

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