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Tips to Help Teens Avoid Kansas Car Accidents

Helping your teenager avoid Kansas car accidents involves more than a single approach. That's a big part of the reason the Kansas Division of Vehicles has a series of graduated driver license requirements for teen drivers. Recent data from the Kansas Department of Transportation reveals that in 2016, teen drivers were disproportionately represented in statewide...

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Integrity, Trust, and the Legal Profession

Lawyers have been part of the bedrock of our country since it was founded. Twenty-five of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence were lawyers, and 32 of the 55 framers of the Constitution were lawyers. Participation in government, community service and advocacy for those in need of a voice are part of the very...

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Farm Machinery Traffic Accidents a Summer Risk in Kansas

Kansas motorists will face the added risk of slow-moving tractors, combines and other farm machinery through the autumn harvest season. The Miami County Republic notes tractors, combines and other equipment are required to display slow-moving vehicle (SMV) reflective triangles and hazard lights when traveling on public roads. The signs signify that the equipment is moving...

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Kansas Hit-and-Run Accidents Reach Record High

 Recent reports indicate that hit-and-run accidents have reached alarming highs across the state of Kansas. This data raises serious questions of safety on roads all over the state. Additionally, pedestrians and bicyclists are the most affected, accounting for roughly 65 percent of hit-and-run accidents. The Data on Hit-and-Run Accidents in Kansas The Topeka Capital-Journal reports...

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Kansas Targets Distracted Driving In “Don’t Stream and Drive” Campaign

Since the advent of smartphone technology, distracted driving has become a major public safety hazard. Public awareness campaigns by government road authorities and advocacy organizations have brought awareness to many important aspects of the problem. The safety of hands-free devices, non-technological distractions such as food and drink, and “do not disturb while driving” features are...

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Spring and Summer Weather Risks for Kansas Motorists 

AAA Kansas and the Kansas Highway Patrol are offering driver safety tips for avoiding auto accidents in severe weather. The state declared March 5-9 "Severe Weather Awareness Week" in advance of the spring and summer travel season. Our Kansas injury lawyers started the year by blogging about the risks of winter weather driving. But the reality is...

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Kansas Waterslide Death Raises Questions About Amusement Park Safety

Amusement parks advertise themselves as safe, enjoyable places for the whole family to have fun. Those responsible for constructing, maintaining and managing these attractions are held to the highest standard to ensure that injuries don’t occur. That’s why five people are currently being charged in the death of a 10-year-old boy who suffered a fatal...

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Speed Often Cause of Kansas Car Accidents

Kansas authorities are focusing on speeding drivers as we prepare for the spring and summer travel season. Kansas injury lawyers know speed is among the leading causes of serious and fatal car accidents. Speed not only reduces reaction time but also exponentially increases the impact of a collision. Federal statistics show your chances of serious...

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