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Our experienced Kansas personal injury attorneys make things right.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident due to the fault or negligence of someone else, you need attorneys you can trust to help you get the medical care and compensation you rightfully deserve. The Kansas-based personal injury lawyers from Bretz Injury Law know how to win cases for our clients.

Whether you've been injured in a car accident or hurt on the job in Hutchinson, Salina, Wichita, Garden City, Dodge City, Liberal or Hays, our knowledgeable team will work with you each step of the way. We have helped injury victims and their families obtain more than $250 million in verdicts and settlements. A few of our notable case results include:

$50 Million Wrongful Death
$23 Million Motorcycle Accident
$18.5 Million Brain Injury
$8 Million Assault
$5 Million Car Wreck
$4 Million Truck Accident
$3.25 Million Car Wreck
$3.15 Million Motorcycle Accident
$2.5 Million Product Liability Case
$2.3 Million Pedestrian Accident
$2.1 Million Farming Accident
$2 Million Truck Accident

In case after case, we consistently secure the money our clients need to live their lives with dignity. That's what drives us to work hard every single day - helping car accident victims and their families get their lives back on track.

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A serious injury caused by someone else's negligence can turn your world upside down. But you can take back control with the help of Bretz Injury Law.

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We proudly stand up for injured bikers

Motorcyclists who are injured in wrecks have an uphill battle for recovery. We know that most bikers are safe, responsible operators – and that motorists need to share the road responsibly. If you need a motorcycle accident attorney, Bretz Injury Law can help.

$23 Million - Motorcycle Accident
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Motorcyclist Riding on the Road

What type of cases does Bretz Injury Law handle?

Located in Hutchinson, Salina, Wichita, Garden City, Dodge City, Liberal, Hays and proudly serving injury victims throughout Kansas and beyond, our dedicated attorneys zealously handle a wide range of personal injury claims. For instance, we have extensive experience handling cases involving:

If you have been injured in a car accident, or a loved one has been injured or killed, due to the fault or negligence of someone else, contact our lawyers as soon as possible. We want to work with you and give your claim the attention it rightfully deserves.

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    Why do I need a Kansas car accident lawyer?

    You may be tempted to navigate the legal system on your own. Your case might seem straightforward. Or maybe the person who caused your injury admitted wrongdoing. You might have already received an offer from an insurance company.

    Think twice before going it alone. Cases involving personal injury often turn out to be much more complicated than our clients initially expect. Without an experienced lawyer, you run the risk of missing deadlines, not identifying all the potentially responsible parties, saying something that an insurer will use against you, and not knowing or understanding the procedural and statutory requirements for pursuing a claim to its fullest.

    Then there are the insurance companies. They want you to believe they have your best interests at heart. Unfortunately, the reality is often quite different. Most insurance companies only care about one thing – maximizing their profits by paying car accident victims as little as possible. That’s why we strongly urge you to contact our lawyers sooner rather than later. We will help you get the money you rightfully deserve.

    We Wrote the Book on Personal Injury Law

    "And Justice for All"

    by Matthew L. Bretz


    You were injured in a car accident. Now what? Start by reading "And Justice for All: Win Your Injury Case with Honesty and Integrity." This book, by Matthew L. Bretz, provides practical information for anyone who is injured. While personal injury law is complicated, this guide makes it easy for anyone to understand highly technical topics.

    He gave everything he had, and he inspires us to this day.

    "He gave everything he had, and he inspires us to this day."

    In our office you will see a small bronze statue of Abraham Lincoln, by Gib Singleton. Before Lincoln became our sixteenth president, he was a trial lawyer. As an attorney, Lincoln was involved in over 5,500 court cases, including 133 cases against railroads and 9 cases before the United States Supreme Court.

    When you look at the bronze, you can see the weight of the world on old Abe's shoulders. The cost of righting wrongs as a trial lawyer, and of putting our country back together as President, was almost too much for any one person to bear. This old rail splitter from Kentucky and Illinois gave everything he had - and Abe continues to inspire us as trial lawyers today.

    How can a car accident lawyer at Bretz Injury Law law firm help me?

    You'll notice the difference the first time you meet with us. We won't tell you what to do. We listen. We take the time to understand the details of your case. Then we offer intelligent advice designed to help you address your unique legal issues.

    Bretz Injury Law - experienced car accident attorneys, personalized service, exceptional results.

    Once you decide how you want us to proceed, we get to work. We review relevant reports, including police reports, medical records, and witness testimony. We may also consult with experts in their field. We investigate every available avenue for obtaining the compensation you deserve for the injury you sustained in your car accident.

    We then assemble all the information into a compelling legal case and negotiate directly on your behalf with insurance companies or other parties responsible for compensating you for your injury. If necessary, we will even file a personal injury lawsuit on your behalf.

    Honesty, integrity, dependability. Contact us right now.

    This is your only opportunity for justice. You need a car accident attorney who understands the justice system in Kansas. You need experienced representation from award-winning attorneys. You need dependability, honesty and integrity. You need Bretz Injury Law after your car accident.

    Put your trust in a lawyer that puts your needs first. Contact Bretz Injury Law. Because we only handle injury claims and related legal matters, we can provide a level of excellence that is not possible in a law firm with a broad general practice. We do not, nor have we ever, represented insurance companies. We are committed to helping those who have been injured in car accidents.

    We offer a free consultation to all potential clients. Contact us for a fast, free claim analysis. Best of all, you only pay us if we win your case. That's because we work on a no fees if no recovery basis. Call (866) 881-0103 and learn how our law firm can help you after your car accident.

    Bretz Injury Law - experienced attorneys, personalized service, exceptional results.


    The only injury firm in Reno County representing only injured people and their families, not employers or insurance companies against injured workers.


    Bretz Injury Law has one of only eight attorneys in Kansas to be named to the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

    Client Distinction

    Awarded the "Client Distinction Award." Fewer Than 1% Of all attorneys receive this award for communication, responsiveness, quality of service, and value.

    Over $250,000,000.00 earned for our clients.
    Over 400 policy limit settlements of up to $2.5 Million.

    Matthew L. Bretz

    Matthew L. Bretz

    Matthew Bretz is a native of Hutchinson, Kansas. He received a B.S. from Kansas State University where he taught both classical and contemporary physics. He graduated from Pepperdine University School of Law.

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    Larry A. Bolton

    Larry A. Bolton

    Larry has more than 45 years of experience practicing law. He is a graduate of Kansas State University and the University of Kansas School of Law. Larry handles estate planning, asset preservation, wills, trusts, probate...

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