Lawrence, KS – Iowa St & Yale Rd Collision Ends in Injuries

Lawrence, KS - Iowa St & Yale Rd Collision Ends in Injuries

Lawrence, KS (April 5, 2024) – There were reported injuries in the aftermath of a vehicle collision in the Lawrence area on Wednesday, April 3. The collision was reported that morning around 10:47 a.m. at the corner of Iowa Street and Yale Road. Local reports indicated that at least one person involved in the crash was hurt. 

At this time, the number and severity of the related damages have not been confirmed. The injured parties were treated at the scene by attending medical personnel. Those requiring further treatment were later hospitalized for further support. The area was temporarily closed while emergency crews were present, and tow trucks were needed to clear the resulting wreckage and reopen the road to outside traffic. An ongoing investigation into the cause of the accident is being managed by local law enforcement officials. An ongoing investigation into the cause of the crash is being managed by local law enforcement officials. 

Our thoughts are with the injured victims and their families at this time. We hope for their full recovery.

High-speed Collisions in Kansas

Lawrence, KS - Iowa St & Yale Rd Collision Ends in InjuriesCertain behaviors behind the wheel can greatly increase the risk of a sudden car crash. One such behavior is speeding. When you speed, you are more likely to lose control of your vehicle, meaning that you become an active threat to yourself and everyone else on the road. Speeding-related crashes contribute to a substantial number of deadly crashes each year across the United States, with more than 12,000 people dying due to the actions of speeding motorists in 2021 alone. An estimated 33 people died daily in high-speed impacts that year. Drivers who willfully engage in these behaviors should be held responsible in the event of a serious crash. 

It is the duty of our trained team of Lawrence car crash lawyers to help those who have been unfairly injured due to the actions of a reckless driver. We understand you are going through a difficult time, and we want to help in any way we can. Contact the offices of Bretz Injury Law today at 620-524-0080 to get started on your case. 

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