Overland Park, KS – Injury Crash at 95th St & Moody Park Cir

Overland Park, KS - Injury Crash at 95th St & Moody Park Cir

Overland Park, KS (May 19, 2024) – On Saturday, May 18, there were reported injuries after a car accident in the Overland Park area the crash occurred at the intersection of W. 95th Street and Moody Park Circle early that morning around 11:18 a.m. At least one person involved in the accident was hurt. 

At this time, the number and severity of the resulting injuries have not been determined. The crash victims were provided aid by attending medical personnel. Those requiring further treatment were later hospitalized by ambulance. The circumstances leading to the accident have not yet been determined. No additional information on the crash is currently available. An ongoing investigation into the cause of the accident is being managed by local law enforcement officials. 

Our thoughts are with the injured victims and their families at this time. We hope for their full recovery.

Kansas Distracted Driving Crashes

Overland Park, KS - Injury Crash at 95th St & Moody Park CirAcross the country, distracted driving has become a major contributor to serious auto accidents. Numerous drivers in Kansas are found to be guilty of distracted driving, according to the latest crash statistics. A total of 534 crashes in 2021 in Kansas involved distraction with a mobile phone, according to Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT) statistics. Drivers who were concentrating on using GPS systems, DVD players, and stereos caused 148 collisions that year. You can travel the length of a football field in the time it takes to send a single text message. This is more than enough time to cause a serious crash. If you or someone close to you is hurt by the actions of a reckless driver, you must partner with a competent lawyer to pursue a compensation claim. 

You do not want to take any risks with your recovery after a serious auto accident. A competent Overland Park car accident lawyer will be able to help ensure that your legal rights are secured as you pursue your case. The legal team at Bretz Injury Law has a proven track record of helping injured parties pursue successful claims. Give us a call today at 620-524-0080.

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