How the Stigma Against Motorcyclists Affects Your Case

It’s not uncommon for drivers to point fingers at each other after a crash. However, while most of these claims are dismissed without evidence, motorcycle crashes can vary. When accusations are made against a motorcycle rider, they tend to stick. To understand what an enormous problem this is, you need to understand how exactly the stigma against motorcyclists can impact someone’s case and their recovery.

The Stigma

When a motorcyclist is accused of unsafe riding, they face an uphill battle. Innocent until proven guilty often doesn’t apply in these cases; a simple accusation of reckless driving can cause insurance companies to scrutinize the motorcycle rider. Sometimes, the insurance company will assign fault or offer a lower settlement until the motorcycle rider provides evidence that they are a safe driver.

Similarly, even though helmets are not required in the state of Kansas, the insurance companies may offer a smaller settlement for crashes where the victim was not wearing a helmet, even if they were not at fault; the logic being that their injuries could have been prevented if they had more safety gear.

Fighting For Justice

When you’re seriously hurt and worried about your health, arguing with the insurance companies should be the last thing on your mind. That’s why many motorcycle riders choose to hire a personal injury attorney.

An attorney with experience handling motorcycle crashes knows how to negotiate with the insurance companies, help make sure that fault is properly distributed, and that the injured rider earns the full compensation they are entitled to under the law. For riders in severe accidents, hiring an attorney can be the difference between mounting medical bills and a smooth recovery.

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