How Motorcyclists Can Reduce Injuries In a Crash

5 Items That Can Reduce Injury

Most wrecks involving motorcycles result from car driver inattention or turning left in front of motorcyclists at intersections, which often causes motorcyclists to feel that they can’t do anything to help reduce the possibility of severe injury-causing incidents. In an ideal world, drivers would know to be mindful of how their actions can affect other motorists, like motorcycle riders — yet these rates have actually increased over time.

Although you can’t control how other drivers will contribute to your safety, motorcycle riders can take steps to reduce the severity of their injuries during a crash. This is often referred to as “dressing for the slide, not the ride” and focuses on wearing items that will make contact with the road less damaging.

Before any length of trip, ensure you are taking the necessary steps to reduce your risk of injury.

#1. Helmet and Protective Eyewear

Kansas Highway Patrol enforces a strict helmet law for motorcycle riders under the age of 18, and all riders (regardless of age) are required to wear some form of eye protection unless their bike has a windscreen 10 inches or taller. However, wearing a helmet has continuously proven to reduce the likelihood of serious injuries or death after a crash by 69% and 37%, respectively.

#2. Padded or Leather Jacket

One of the most common injuries that motorcyclists sustain in a crash is road rash or cuts/scrapes from the pavement. Because of the possibility of these injuries, it is imperative that you wear abrasion-resistant clothing. One of the most effective ways to do this is to wear a padded or leather jacket. Doing so can help reduce the possibility of road rash and protect you from other factors like sunlight, wind, and bugs.

#3. Riding Gloves

Riding gloves can be crucial for ensuring your hands remain unscratched from a fall, but they can also be essential for absorbing the vibrations of your motorcycle. Not wearing gloves can cause severe numbness or tingling in your hands, making functionality more difficult, so wearing some form of hand protection can reduce these effects.

#4. Leather or Kevlar Pants

Similar to the jackets mentioned above, wearing pants made from abrasion-resistant material can provide some much-needed protection during a fall. Riders will want to make sure they are wearing kevlar or leather as opposed to a fabric like denim, which can easily be torn when coming into contact with the road.

#5. Close-Toed or Armored Boots

Perhaps one of the most essential items to wear when riding a motorcycle is a pair of close-toed or armored boots. Doing so can significantly reduce your risk of open wounds to the feet that can be common in a crash by upwards of 90% depending on the boot. Regardless of which shoes you choose to wear, ensure they have complete protection around the whole foot.

Kansas Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

It’s important to note that while you can take the steps necessary to reduce the severity of injuries in a motorcycle crash, negligent drivers should be held accountable for causing crashes. Bretz Injury Law can help you pursue the justice you deserve.

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