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Negligent Security

Our law firm holds property owners accountable when they fail to keep you safe.

When you visit an establishment such as a bar, restaurant, shopping center, nursing home, bank, hotel, or apartment complex, you have the right to expect that you will be safe while you are on that property. If you or a loved one is attacked because a property owner fails to keep you safe, you may have a negligent security claim.

Negligent security occurs when someone is injured because a property owner or manager fails maintain reasonably safe conditions that are appropriate for the activities conducted on the property. These cases generally involve an injury to an individual as a result of criminal assault or robbery at a commercial property.

Hold negligent property owners accountable and get the compensation you need. Reach out to an experienced negligent security attorney at Bretz Injury Law in Hutchinson, Salina, Wichita, Garden City, Dodge City, Liberal, and Hays.

What are common types of negligent security cases?

Negligent security cases can occur in a variety of public places. Some examples include:

Apartment complexes - The apartment complex seemed like a safe, family friendly community. But when John pulled up to his girlfriend's apartment one night, someone attacked him with a knife. Despite appearance and assurances from the management that the complex was safe, multiple robberies and shootings that had taken place there over the years. The owners never disclosed to anyone that the complex was dangerous, and they never took steps to make the area safer.

Shopping centers & gas stations - It was the middle of the day when a store clerk was attacked and sexually assaulted in the store. Despite being in an area of town that was known for high crime rates, the mall did not employ security guards during the day. If they had, they might have prevented the attack.

Nightclubs & bars - Joe was just trying to calm everyone down when his friends got into a fight with several bar patrons in the parking lot. But when someone pulled out a gun, Joe was fatally shot. Despite the number of crimes that had happened in that very parking lot over the last year, the bar owners did not implement any security measures to keep their patrons safe.

In general, personal injury law does not hold people and businesses liable for criminal acts committed by others, but that general principle has many exceptions. If we can prove that the property owner knew - or should have known - that conditions on the premises were dangerous due to a significant risk of crime and did not take reasonable steps to eliminate that danger, we have a case.

How can a negligent security attorney help me?

If you or a loved one was injured due to a crime that occurred at a commercial or residential location, you may have a negligent security claim. Whether you were attacked in Wichita at Towne East Mall or Old Town, or in high-crime areas in Topeka, Manhattan, or other cities across Kansas, our experienced attorneys will aggressively pursue fair compensation for your injuries.

Don't underestimate the complexity of your case. In order to prove negligent security, our committed legal team will work to establish a crime history for the area your injury occurred, as well as investigating any security measures that were in place or should have been in place. This will allow us to prove that those responsible for the property failed to meet their duty to provide reasonable security measures.

We're committed advocates for people hurt due to the negligence of others, and we're ready to help. Contact us today to schedule a free, fully confidential consultation.

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