3 Tips for Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

Being a safe driver is essential no matter the vehicle. For motorcycle riders, taking precautionary measures to improve personal safety can help decrease the risk of being involved in a collision.

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, and there are many things a rider can do to contribute to this. Here are three simple tips that a motorcyclist can use daily to improve their safety.

#1. Increase Visibility to Other Drivers

Ensuring that a motorcycle rider can be visible to other road users no matter the time of day is important for ensuring their safety. While every street-legal motorcycle is required to have a headlight, taillights and turn signals, several other visibility options are available. Some options to consider include wearing high visibility or reflective gear and avoiding lingering in a driver’s blind spots.

#2. Take Safety Courses

Taking safety courses or other motorcycle education classes can help build confidence and reinforce ways to keep riders safe—even if they have ridden for decades already. Some programs even offer courses explicitly designed for experienced riders aimed at improving finesse and risk management.

This can also be a great option for riders who have recently relocated to a new state or area with unfamiliar terrain.

#3. Keep Up With Routine Maintenance

As with any other vehicle, having a regularly maintained and well-kept motorcycle can reduce the possibility of preventable accidents. Especially if the bike was recently stored for winter, it’s important to keep maintenance up-to-date and ensure everything is in proper working order.

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