Avoid These Mistakes After Kansas Motorcycle Accidents

Two Kansas men were hospitalized recently when their motorcycles collided. According to the Salina Post, a 2012 Harley Davidson motorcycle was being driven by a 44-year-old man when it crashed into a 2014 Harley being driven by a 28-year-old man.

The two motorcycles were passing a car when a southbound vehicle came into view. The 44-year-old driver swerved to try to avoid a collision and hit the 28-year-old man’s motorcycle. Both riders were ejected from their motorcycles and sustained injuries. They had to be transported to the hospital for treatment.

The motorcycle accident is one of many which occur on Kansas roads each year. Many of these accidents cause serious injury, and some are fatal. In fact, Governors’ Highway Safety Administration reportedly recently on a 10 percent surge in motorcycle accident deaths which occurred over the course of 2015. Death rates are also expected to remain high in 2016 because of continued improvements in economic conditions as well as because of low gas prices.

As more people ride motorcycles and accident rates rise, it becomes especially important for motorcyclists, their families, and other drivers to know what needs to be done after a motorcycle accident happens.   The law allows for victims to make a personal injury claim after a driver causes a motorcycle crash through negligence or carelessness. It also allows for wrongful death claims in the event of fatal motorcycle crashes. However, anyone who wishes to pursue a case for compensation following a motorcycle crash will need to make smart choices at the scene of the collision and in the accident’s aftermath.

Motorcycle riders and other motorists involved in motorcycle collisions should try to obtain as much information as possible from others involved in the crash as well as from witnesses. The rider and driver(s) involved in the accident will need to obtain insurance information and contact details. They should also try to get witness contact information in case of disagreement about how the crash happened.

To protect their rights, motorcyclists and drivers also need to avoid errors which could undermine their case. Some of the key mistakes to avoid after a motorcycle accident include:

  • Delaying medical treatment. You need to get help to ensure no injuries are life-threatening and so your injuries can be documented.
  • Failing to report the crash to an insurer. Always alert your insurer, even if the other driver says they will pay. Injuries could turn out to be more serious than anticipated and it is important to protect the right to make an insurance claim.
  • Giving a statement to the other driver’s insurer without talking to a lawyer. You don’t want to do anything to jeopardize your right to get legal benefits.

These are just a few common mistakes you want to make sure you don’t make so you can protect your right to motorcycle crash compensation.