Dangerous Wichita Road Raises Safety Concerns Among Residents

Are you familiar with 13th Street in Wichita’s Riverside neighborhood? If you are, you may know that it is among the most dangerous parts of the city in terms of driving. One particular intersection and stretch of 13th Street has raised safety concerns among residents, according to KWCH12.

Incidents that prompted a call for change

“A couple of weeks ago,” said one resident. “There was that hit-and-run. A guy on a motorcycle got hit by some kind of work truck and the truck just sped away.”

Another resident reports that she was at a crash scene at 13th Street and Woodrow involving a car and a motorcycle. The motorcyclist was seen underneath the car – with not a single bystander stopping to offer help.

“The first thing that I did was ask him what his name was and I grabbed his hand and let him know someone was here with him,” she said.

This incident prompted the resident to act. About a year later, she started a petition and began collecting signatures to urge city officials to devise a solution.

“If nobody takes action and all we’re doing is thanking those who help us after the fact, then we’re going to continue to have this problem,” said the resident.

Actions taken by the city

Her petition caught the attention of City Councilwoman Cindy Claycomb, who cited a traffic study that is now in the works.

“We’d already been working on a traffic study, looking at traffic counts, a compilation of crash statistics,” she said. “So, we’re in the process of making that happen.”

In addition to analyzing the dangerous stretch of 13th Street, the traffic study will scrutinize a series of dangerous blind curves further north.

“The curves are beautiful because they go along the river, but those curves make it difficult for people to see sometimes when they’re trying to turn left,” said Claycomb.

Actions you can take after a crash

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