Kansas Parking Lot Injury Dangers Abound

Most drivers exercise caution in circumstances known to be dangerous. Highway driving, nighttime driving, inclement weather and other conditions can all increase the risk of a collision, and drivers are expected to respond to these risks with an appropriate degree of reasonable care. But some hazards are less obvious.

Parking lots may seem innocuous. After all, most vehicles are stationary or moving slowly. But the frequent motion and congestion of parking lots can lead to accidents for drivers who are unprepared. They also pose the risk of a pedestrian accident in back-over collisions. Those injured should seek the advice of a Kansas car accident attorney, who can help examine whether they have a viable case and help them fight for fair compensation.

What Are Common Hazards in Parking Lots?

The National Safety Council polled nearly 2,500 drivers about their attitudes toward distracted driving. Sixty-seven percent of drivers felt they were placed in danger by other drivers who were distracted by technology. Roughly 25 percent admitted they put themselves or others at risk because of their own use of technology while driving. Yet both groups of drivers were more likely to use technology in a parking lot than on highways or streets. 

Drivers can reduce their risk of parking lot accidents by being aware of the hazards they face. Pedestrians and bicyclists can be difficult to see. Drivers should carefully watch for all road users in a parking lot, drive slowly and be prepared to stop. Objects such as shopping carts or debris can also obstruct driving paths in parking lots. Drivers should do their best to avoid objects in parking lots, and if a cart is in the way, they can simply move it to a designated area. Drivers should be particularly cautious at night, during inclement weather, and during other periods of decreased visibility.

Property owners can also do their part to make parking lots in Kansas safer. Lighting and attentiveness are crucial to identifying such persons and objects in time to avoid colliding with them. Rumble strips can prevent drivers from speeding in parking areas. Additionally, designated walkways can keep pedestrians out of the line of traffic. 

Parking lot accidents can cause injuries, lost wages, rehabilitation costs, and other expenses which are the direct result of the accident. Consult with a Kansas car accident attorney as soon as possible after any collision. Whether your collision occurred in a parking lot or elsewhere, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.