Local Attorney’s Office Features Abraham Lincoln Statue

Visitors to the offices of Bretz & Young, a Hutchinson personal injury firm, will spot a familiar face on a prominent piece of art displayed in the office.

A statue at the firm depicts Abraham Lincoln, who worked as a trial lawyer before becoming the sixteenth President of the United States. Lincoln is shown leaning forward with his head slightly bowed, as though carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.

“The Lincoln statue is a centerpiece of our work here at Bretz & Young,” said attorney Matthew Bretz, founder of the firm. “Abe dedicated his life to righting wrongs, both as an attorney and as president during the most trying time in our nation’s history. He gave everything he had, and he inspires us to this day.”

Gib Singleton, the artist who created the statue, was widely considered a modern master of bronze sculpture. Singleton’s work is featured at the Vatican, the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington and the Olympic Museum in Switzerland, among many other world-class collections.