We Thoroughly Investigate Kansas Train Wrecks

Any time you are injured in an accident, it is essential that a thorough investigation is conducted in order to identify all of the responsible parties. A perfect example of this is the recent wreck that occurred when an Amtrak train derailed in southwest Kansas.

Southwest Kansas Amtrak Accident

Shortly after midnight on Monday, March 14, 2016, an Amtrak train carrying 131 passengers derailed in southwest Kansas, according to NPR. The train was travelling from Chicago to Los Angeles. At least 32 people were hospitalized for injuries.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) began an investigation into the cause of the accident. According to The Wichita Eagle, an agricultural feed truck owned by Cimarron Crossing Feeders LLC hit the train track and caused the track to shift it 12 to 14 inches.

Conducting a Thorough Investigation

The individuals who were injured in the Amtrak accident have a claim for compensation. A good attorney can help these individuals obtain fair compensation by building on the NTSB investigation in order to determine all of the parties who are responsible. Is the track damage done by the Cimarron Crossing Feeders truck the primary cause of the accident? If so, what evidence can be gathered from the truck and the company records to support such a claim?

However the investigation cannot stop with damage to the track. It is also essential to consider the train’s onboard cameras and recorders to determine whether any responsibility lies with Amtrak. Was the train traveling at an appropriate speed at the time of the accident? Were all safety procedures being followed?

At Bretz & Young, we always conduct a complete investigation of the events surrounding an accident. By identifying all of the potential responsible parties, we maximize the compensation that is available to our clients.

 If you are injured in any type of transportation accident-whether it be a car, truck, motorcycle or train-don’t try to make sense of it on your own. You need an experienced and diligent attorney who will work hard to identify all the facts of the case. You need Bretz & Young.