Wet Roads and Auto Accident Risks: Insights from a Kansas Attorney

Rain leads to more car accidents than any other inclement weather

According to recent data released from AAA Kansas, rain causes more auto accidents than any other weather condition. Roughly 68% percent of weather-related auto accidents (or 518,000) each year are caused by rain-washed roads. That is more than weather-related accidents caused by sleet, snow, and fog combined.

“Rain significantly impacts driving conditions – from visibility to traction and stopping time,” AAA Kansas spokeswoman Jennifer Haugh said in a statement. “But often, motorists don’t make the needed adjustments to their driving habits or address simple maintenance items on their vehicles that can make driving on rain-slickened roadways much safer.”

Safety tips when driving in the rain

  • Slow down: Wet roads can spell disaster, especially if you lose control of your car. The slower you drive, the easier it is to maintain control of your car, and the more time you have to react to hazards in the road.
  • Keep your distance: When on the road, leave more space between you and the car in front of you. That way, you have plenty of time to slow to a complete stop.
  • Watch for standing water: When water accumulates on the road, it can cause hydroplaning. This occurs when a car tire loses contact with the ground and drives on top of water lying on the road instead. If your car starts hydroplaning, immediately take your foot off the gas, turn on your hazard lights, and keep the wheel straight. Using cruise control also increases the risk of hydroplaning.
  • Find higher ground: If your vehicle is caught in a sudden buildup of water, leave your car and get to higher ground, if it is safe to do so. Your safety is much more important than your car.
  • Stick to the middle: If you are on a road with more than one lane, avoid outer lanes. Water tends to accumulate more on the edges of a road. When possible, stick to the center.

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