3D Crosswalks and Pedestrian Accidents: Insights from Kansas Attorneys

Pedestrian accidents happen far too often throughout the state of Kansas, especially in large cities such as Wichita. Unlike drivers in cars, pedestrians don’t have vehicle frames, airbags, and seatbelts protecting them. Injuries sustained in these accidents are often serious and potentially even fatal. 

Pedestrians are often struck by distracted drivers, speeders, reckless drivers or drunk drivers. Many crosswalk markings in the road are ignored and even faded. That’s why one Kansas community has devised a new and creative way to improve the safety of pedestrians. 

Kansas’s first 3D crosswalk

City crews in Kansas City, Kansas recently installed a 3D crosswalk that appear to be floating, according to fox4kc.com. While the painted crosswalk might look pleasing, it may also serve another purpose –  improving pedestrian safety.  

City Traffic Engineer Lideana Laboy says, “We’ve been working with this neighborhood about improving safety because there are a lot of kids that play around here, and they want to keep the speed low.” The optical illusion design was inspired by a similar design in Iceland

The purpose, according to Laboy, is to “bring the attention to the driver that this is a crossing location, and for pedestrians, we want them to know this is where you should cross the street to be safe.” 

The 3D crosswalk was installed at the intersection of Augusta and Northridge Drive in Kansas City’s west end, which has a 30-mph speed limit. One resident says the speed limit isn’t enough, particularly because blind curves and hills can make it difficult for drivers to see what’s ahead of them. Additionally, a school at the top of the hill may be difficult for drivers to see, putting children at risk of being struck. 

Plans to install more 3D crosswalks will depend on input from residents. 

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We applaud the work of city crews in KCK and hope that this creative solution will be an inspiration for other communities to take steps to protect pedestrians. That being said, while 3D crosswalks may increase drivers’ awareness of pedestrians, accidents may still occur. Some drivers may fail to see the 3D design due to distraction, intoxication or falling asleep at the wheel. 

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