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Concussions and other injuries to the head can be serious. Depending on the severity of your head injury, you may need extensive medical care, including surgery. You may also need several weeks or even longer to rest and recover from your head injury. And in certain extreme cases, you might even have permanent brain damage due to your traumatic brain injury (TBI).

If your severe injury was the result of a personal injury accident caused by someone else’s reckless or negligent behavior, it’s critical that you talk to an attorney as soon as possible to learn more about your legal rights. That’s why we want to meet with you as soon as possible at Bretz Injury Law.

Our highly-skilled attorneys have years of experience handling such complex legal cases. We’re familiar with the symptoms and warning signs of concussions and other head injuries. We know what evidence to look for and what questions to ask. That’s why we have such a well-earned reputation for being top-notch personal injury lawyers.

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What is a concussion?

A concussion is a brain injury caused by either shaking the head or a blow to the head. In many cases, a concussion causes temporary effects to the brain. However, if someone with a concussion does not take the necessary precautions and rest as recommended, damage to the brain caused by a concussion could end up being permanent. This is also true if someone has sustained more than one concussion in their lifetime. That’s why it’s critical that you or a loved one seek immediate medical treatment if you believe you have sustained a concussion in an accident.

What are the warning signs of a concussion?

The warning signs and symptoms of a concussion can cover a wide range. Some of the most common warning signs include:

  • Frequent headaches
  • Dizziness
  • Poor balance
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Difficulty sleeping
  • Memory loss

Don’t underestimate the seriousness of these symptoms. If you suspect you have a concussion, seek immediate medical care. In some cases, you might not experience these symptoms until several days after your injury. The bottom line is it’s critical that you have a doctor examine you right away.

What is a traumatic brain injury?

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is s medical term used to describe many different types of brain injuries, including a concussion. The severity of a TBI can vary widely, from mild, temporary brain damage to permanent, severe brain damage. Along with concussions, other common traumatic brain injuries include:

  • Bleeding in brain (hemorrhage)
  • Blood clotting in brain (hematoma)
  • Swelling in brain (edema)

Whatever type of traumatic brain injury you’re dealing with, if you or a loved one sustained a TBI in an accident, make sure you get the medical care you need and deserve right away. If not treated promptly, some TBIs can be fatal in certain circumstances.

How can I tell if I have a concussion or a TBI?

It’s often very hard to tell if you have a concussion or a more severe traumatic brain injury. And as we explained above, a concussion can be very serious and can result in permanent brain damage if a concussion is not treated or diagnosed properly in a timely manner.

That’s why we strongly recommend having a medical professional examine you right away if you suspect that you have a head injury. That’s the only way you can tell for sure if you have a concussion or another traumatic brain injury.

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