Passengers Rights

Kansas Passenger Rights in Car Accidents

Find out how to obtain compensation for your Kansas car accident. Our lawyers can help.

Passengers injured in auto accidents in Kansas often don’t know what to do in the aftermath. This is especially true if they were injured in an accident caused by the driver of the vehicle they were traveling in at the time of the accident.

Whatever the circumstances of your car accident, make sure you contact Bretz Injury Law as soon as possible if you were injured while riding in a vehicle in Kansas. We want to help you get the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Located in Hutchinson, Salina, Wichita, Garden City, Dodge City, Liberal, Hays and serving injury victims throughout the state, our law firm has a strong track record of success. We consistently obtain large settlements and verdicts (over $300 million) for passengers injured in auto accidents. One of our wrongful death cases resulted in a $50 million settlement. Click on case results for more details.

Injuries sustained by the passenger

Anyone traveling in a car may sustain a serious injury in a car accident. But a driver may have a moment to brace for the crash; this moment may be enough to reduce the severity of an injury. On the other hand, a passenger may not be paying close attention to the road ahead. A passenger may not be able to do anything to brace for the crash, which could result in a more serious injury to the brain or neck. The consequences of such injuries can be grave. The passenger may be unable to walk because of spinal cord damage. The passenger also may suffer a debilitating brain injury that could affect every aspect of his or her life.

What if the driver who caused my passenger injury accident is my friend?

Such accidents can be very complicated for many reasons. On the one hand, you want to be fairly compensated for your injury, especially if you had to be hospitalized and racked up other costly medical expenses. But you also don’t want to lose a friend because a tough legal battle.

Fortunately, we have a great deal of experience handling these types of cases. We are able to work with multiple insurance companies — both the driver’s and your own — to make sure that you are fully compensated. And we can do so without filing a lawsuit against your friend.

This means that even if your medical bills exceed the personal injury protection (PIP) limit on your own insurance policy, our experienced attorneys can negotiate on your behalf with the insurance companies. That way, you and your friend can stay friends. Let us deal with all the paperwork.

Can I file a lawsuit if I’m a passenger injured in an auto accident?

Yes. Sometimes, a car passenger injury lawsuit might be the best way to obtain the compensation you rightfully deserve. A car accident claim involving a passenger can become complicated. The driver you were sitting next to may be at fault or partially at fault, or the driver of the other vehicle may be liable. The insurance companies for the various at-fault parties may point fingers and try to shift blame.

We can be your voice. While we are usually able to obtain favorable settlements for clients, we prepare each case as if it’s going to go to trial. If filing a lawsuit is the best way to proceed, that’s what we will do to protect a client’s legal rights.

Discover how a Kansas car passenger accident attorney can help you

If you were a passenger in a car accident, it’s very likely you did absolutely nothing to cause the crash. You should not have to suffer a loss. Now is the time to contact Bretz Injury Law. Put our dedicated legal team to work on your passenger injury case.

Call for a free and confidential consultation. If you can’t come to us, we can come to you. We can meet in your hospital room, at your home or at your workplace.

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